5 Critical Steps To Surviving and Thriving Workshop

Tony Hall
over 1 year agoSeptember 2, 2020
While the current market is challenging, I wanted to share a brand new workshop which captures 22 years of owning, managing, consulting and learning how to improve and build an industry leading recruitment company to ensure your business is not only surviving - it is thriving - regardless of economic conditions.
Matt Barrington
over 1 year agoSeptember 9, 2020
Hi Tony, this is certainly 'real stuff' information that I can relate too.. and your presentation is much appreciated. For years I have heard the statements 'work on your business, not in it' and 'lead by example' and to me seem somewhat contradictory as it suggests being in two places at once but i do get it.. as a hands on recruiter/ owner of a SME I do this eg: today I was filling/ searching a contract role whilst working on some strategic business ideas.. and approving invoices to pay and implementing refining new accounting software and discussing improvements with JobAdder. You don't get to know these things unless you are at the ground floor.

Thanks again and btw; check out your numbering of the second slide of '3. Real Competitive Advantage'... The eagle eye is an occupational hazard of mine ;-) let's see how many others pick up on this..

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Tony Hall
over 1 year agoSeptember 16, 2020
Many thanks for taking the time to watch the workshop and comment Matt. Yes you are correct about the juggling act of working ON and IN the business. Thanks also for your eagle eyed numbering pick up. I am pleased you actually watched it with full attention.
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